Bauwerk Parkett AG Boen

Vision + Values


We want to become Europes’ most valuable hardwood flooring company


Respectful: We are honest and reliable

  • We do as we say
  • We behave with respect and empathy
  • We care for our environment
  • I keep my promises
  • I communicate openly
  • I build relationships
  • I am loyal to decisions made
  • I am an ambassador for the company

Dynamic: We believe in people

  • We are goal oriented
  • We continuously improve
  • We make decisions based on facts, teamwork and involvement
  • We implement decisions
    • I look for improvements
    • I search for the right competence in order to find solutions
    • I share my knowledge and experience
    • I take on responsibility
    • I actively participate and I am open for new ideas
    • I learn through experience and from failures